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Sand In My Eyes…

I´ve just finished the BlueSand Cardigan by La Maison Rililie. It´s a great, slightly oversized cardigan with some elegant features like longer in the back, pockets integrated in the hem and i-cord finishing. I´m not the only one that finds this cardigan to be knitting-worthy… I´m currently among 160 others who have finished this pattern since it´s release in January (according to Ravelry). I´ve called my cardigan “Sand In My Eyes…“.

I´ve had som Plucky Sweater (dk weight) in my stash for some time and decided it was finally time to use it. I had 3 skeins of gray (Elegant Elephant) and 4 skeins of purple (Essie). I also needed a contrast color and decided on a skein of BFL sock from The Uncommon Thread in the color Golden Praline, held double.

I downloaded the pattern because I needed a project to get over the disappointment with my failing “Laneway”, and printed out all 16 pages of pattern instructions and started reading. My compliments to the designer for a great cardigan and a very detailed pattern instruction, but I suddenly found myself blind to all the schematics and numbers. I guess it´s what reading a text feels like for a dyslexic. It was like trying to decipher a tax-report with sand in your eyes …thus the name! I guess I was just a bit tired that day, but also I´m more of a free-knitter. I know how to shape a garment and don´t really need a detailed instruction. In addition I´m Norwegian and are brought up with one page knitting-instructions …ok, maybe two, with pictures.

All the leftover yarn...

All the leftover yarn…

But I decided to give it a go anyway, and I´ve more or less followed the numbers of stitches and the length for my size. I cast on each shoulder with magic cast-on, shaped the shoulders with some short-rows and continued with contiguous sleeves. I wanted gray to be my main color, and had to make the purple stripes longer to save gray yarn. I also decided not to follow the slip-stitch pattern for the hem and for the contrast color on the sleeves for the same purpose. I did the i-cord bind-off around the hem and the front using Plucky Feet, col: Medieval, held double. Not the same color as the Elegant Elephant, but close enough. My gauge was a bit off, and I found the Plucky Sweater yarn a bit hard on the hands. For some reason it contains 10 % nylon…

But I love the finished cardigan! I´ve worn it a lot already and I find the stunning details of this cardigan to make it both wearable and characteristic. So my compliments to La Maison Rililie for this design!

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WalkCollection Suave DK, ebony

WalkCollection, Suave

“RittenhouseTown Wrap” by Jocelyn Tunney was recently published on Ravelry. It´s a free knitting pattern. I had in my stash WalkCollection´s Suave DK in the color “Ebony”, that I intended for another shawl. But when I found the Rittenhouse pattern I just had to try it, and it turned out wonderfully! I love it!! I´ve named it: “Wrap´n Walk”.

It´s a classic wrap/shawl that really looks like crochet…

The pattern says to use 3 skeins of a worsted weight yarn. I had only 2 skeins of a dk weight yarn. After blocking my shawl/wrap measures 72″ x 26″ (183 x 65 cm), which is amazingly close to the numbers in the pattern: 68″ x 25″. The only mods I did was to use thinner needles, 6 rows of garter st(s) instead of 8, and to cut the fringes shorter… I would prefer them longer, but was out of yarn.

The pattern is well written and the stitches easy to memorize.

I´m so happy with my Rittenhouse. The yarn is beautifully soft and luxurious, and the color is just the right shade of “faded” grayish brown. I can definitely picture myself knitting more of these shawls…

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The art of stopping in time…

I really, really wanted my Laneway to work! I wanted it so much that I chose to neglect listening to my inner voice whispering this might not be a good combination… I didn´t stop until my inner voice had tried all the tricks in the book, and finally sighed angrily; “well, fine!” and started slamming doors… You know the feeling…

So I stopped!



It´s not the pattern, it´s not the yarn, -it´s the striping! They´re irregular!! I should have followed the pattern… So my favorite yarn is back on the shelf, brewing…

Maybe I am a control-freak? According to these pictures I am! My fingers are itching to correct the irregularities… Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ah, ah….

Well, well. I´m preparing another post for tomorrow. It will be a better one… I promise!


more knitting needles please…

I´m not a stranger to knitting multiple projects at the same time, but now I think I´ve reached my limits, ..at least the limits to the number of knitting needles “stuck” in a project at the same time! I have several knitting needles in each size, and when I´m out of any of the sizes I know it´s time… And oops! -there went the mittens project, and that hat was a wonderful idea …2 years ago! So I was able to cast on for the “Laneway“. But if any other interesting designs turns up that uses the needle size 3,5 mm (US 4) I´ll have to finish one of my projects. …or buy some new needles, there´s always that option :)

So now I´m alternating knitting on my “Gerda´s Cardigan” and my “Laneway” (see previous post). I love them both! I think I´ll finish the Laneway first, simply because I need it to be finished first. Also, I know I´ll be needing the needles for another upcoming project. La Maison Rililie will be publishing a pattern for this great sweater soon, and I´m ready! (well, soon anyway….)

I have plenty of yarn in my stash for this sort of project, and all I have to do is decide on one of the alternatives, or two…

They are all a mix of Holst Supersoft / Samarkand, Garnudsalg.dk Blackhill Højlandsuld / Uld Silke and Malsen og Mor Shetland Soft.

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Gerda´s IV is progressing…

I love everything about this project! The colors, the smoothness of the yarn and the way it just flies off the needles. Though it´s knit on needles number 3 mm ( US 2 1/2) the gauge is 22 st(s) to 10 cm.

The body is done and the arms are on their way. I did the steeking and button-bands before I started on the arms, – I just left the cutting part… Knitting the arms produces a lot of friction to the knitted fabric, so I´m postponing the most thrilling part of the process! I did the reinforcing using Holst Supersoft in the color Topaz.

All I have to do while finishing this is deciding on buttons …and dreaming of my next project. Not that I haven´t got any waiting, but I could squeeze another project in-between… right?

Well I´m dreaming of “Laneway” by Veera Välimäki, in a pullover length, like in this ravelry project by memia. Maybe I´ll finally get to use a most treasured yarn, you know the yarn you keep brewing in the shelves awaiting the perfect project. And the longer you wait, the harder it is to start using it! Well, I´ve decided it´s overdue, and I´ll finally use my lovely Silky Merino from Walk Collection in the color Volcanic Sand. I´ve got 400 g, more than enough for this project. I want to add a few stripes, but can´t decide if I should go with baaramewe´s Titus (natural) or Drops Alpaca in gray… Something to think about while I´m  knitting!

I´ve also got 2 skeins of Suave DK, in the color Ebony, from Walk Collection, and I´m thinking of a “The Lonely Tree Shawl” by Sylvia Bo Bilvia. I´ve knit this before in Du Store Alpakka – Tynn Alpakka, my ravelry project here.


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